Massachusetts / Rhode Island Chapter of The American Chestnut Foundation

Dedicated to restoring the
keystone forest tree of the east backcross breeding local American chestnut "Mother" trees into a population of blight-resistant trees

Our newest seed orchard at the Massachusetts Fish & Wildlife Field Headquarters building in Westboro. Our Annual Meeting on Nov. 21, 2015 will be at this beautiful new green building -- with a chestnut potluck, excellent speakers, and orchard tours!


Contact us for future orchard work dates.
Volunteers are always welcome!

Sentinal Covers Restoration Dinner & Donalds Orchard

Our first seed orchard planting.
Can you help provide a long-term seed orchard to grow potentially blight-resistant MA/RI chestnuts?

2012 saw the first planting of one of our "seed orchards": the next generation of TACF's breeding plan for blight-resistant chestnut, using nuts from our ~28 "BC3" orchards. Seed orchards produce highly blight-resistant offspring for our forests and other locations. More are needed!

We are still pollinating local pure American trees for our "BC3" orchards - so please let us know when you find a blooming local American tree.

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This Year's Events



Spring Quarterly Meeting of the MA/RI Chapter of the American Chestnut Foundation

See Calendar above for meeting details
10:00-12:00 Morning Orchard Meeting
12:00-1:00 Tour and Bag Lunch
1:00-4:00 Quarterly Board Meeting

4:00-? Volunteer in the Smith Seed Orchard! This is a lovely site and the chestnuts are doing well. Weather permitting.

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